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Airbrush Makeup

We ladies know how difficult it can be to take care of our skin. A pimple here, a wrinkle there, a pit on the cheek, and visible pores on the nose – the list is endless. And on our big day, no girl wants any of that! We’re here to make sure that even when someone completely zooms into your face; your face looks beautifully flawless! Now how is that possible, you ask? Read on to find out!

Airbrush makeup is a type of makeup that is applied not by sponges, brushes, or fingers, but by an Airbrush gun that sprays the makeup directly onto your face. This type of makeup application was first popular with actors and then became a go-to for brides as well. Traditional makeup can settle in your wrinkles or pores, giving your face a caked-up appearance in HD. Airbrush makeup prevents this and gives you an impeccable look.

HD Makeup

We all know that a million photographs are taken during a wedding with the beautiful bride whether it is the groom or the guests. From the professional photographers that you have hired to the guests with their cell-phones and cameras, everyone will be taking pictures of you! As the bride, you want to make sure that not a single picture of yours comes out looking bad. It’s your wedding day after all!

With the advent of High Definition lenses and high-quality cameras in cell-phones, it can get a little tricky for the bride to look natural in photos rather than looking caked up in makeup. HD cameras will reveal flaws like wrinkles, breakouts, and creases, resulting in a picture that does not turn out very good in spite of the high quality of the camera. HD makeup saves you from bad pictures through its light-scattering and light-reflecting particles that will give a softer focus to your face, flattering your complexion.

Destination Makeup

When it comes to weddings, we have all dreamed about where we will marry. Whether it will be under the dazzling lights of Vegas or amongst the royal atmosphere of Jaipur, we all have our individual preferences. Destination weddings are so much more fun than a wedding in a local area. It brings a fabulous twist to the wedding, turning it into a vacation! Whether you wish to marry palace in Rajasthan, Poojas Kaya and her team have got you covered!